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Our goal is to create an atmosphere of trust and partnership with our patients, respond to patient issues and concerns in a timely manner, and promote general wellness for all patients.

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Syed Asad, MD

Dr. Syed Asad has trained at Harvard and Emory University and is double board certified by the American Board of Nuclear Medicine and the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Formerly the Section Chief of Neurology at Baptist Medical Center, Dr. Asad decided to start an Independent Neurology Clinic. Since 2015, Universal Neurological Care has quickly established themselves as the best Neurological Clinic in Northeast Florida. Our goal is to treat patients efficiently while maintaining a caring and genuine relationship. We take pride in getting to know our patients and making sure their needs are treated beyond measure.


Providers (MD, PA, RN) see patients who have neurological conditions and are seeking neurological diagnoses and treatments. Our focus is on outpatient care but this extends to inpatient follow up if needed.


Neurological diagnoses include but are not limited to headaches, seizures, strokes and post stroke care, multiple sclerosis, tremors, Parkinson’s, dementia, traumatic brain injury, neuropathy, etc.



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