What ages are treated at Universal Neurological Care?

UNC is an adult Neurology practice but we are comfortable treating individuals from 16 years and older.

What are the hours of operation?

We are open on Monday-Thursday 8:00am to 5:00pm and Friday 8:00am to 2:00pm.

What if I need to come to the office on a Friday Afternoon?

Friday afternoons are administrative time for our staff; however, the office is open in case of prescription needs as well as forms and records to be dropped off.

How would I be able to reach someone with a question after hours or on the weekends?

We have an after-hours phone line that is manned by the Physician, the Physician assistants or the RN. The clinical staff rotate the after-hours line; this way you should always be able to reach a provider at any time. The phone number is 1-(904)-404-7044

Who should I talk to for scheduling a new patient appointment?

Ask for Ansel VanHouten. Contact Us to schedule an appointment.

I am interested in getting Botox treatments- How do I find out if my insurance will cover this?

We would recommend setting up an appointment to see if you meet criteria for receiving Botox for medical and neurological indications. If you are candidate, you would talk to Ansel to determine if we can get an authorization for your insurance.

I am interested in Acupuncture treatments. How can I set this up?

We would recommend setting up an appointment to go over your medical history and to discuss acupuncture treatments in general and for your situation. If you are a good candidate and wish to proceed, we usually recommend setting up 6 acupuncture appointments, usually one week apart, to see if the treatments are efficacious.

Does insurance cover acupuncture?

Unfortunately, most insurances do not cover acupuncture. Though, we are happy to run the coverage through your insurance. We have priced the self-pay rates for acupuncture at a level that is conducive for most people ($80.00). Also, you may be able to use your HSA funds for this procedure.

If i get admitted to the Hospital, will the Physician be able to follow me there?

Asad has priviledges at Baptist Health and will be able to consult on you if you are admitted to Baptist Health Jacksonville. In most cases inpatients are admitted to the Internal Medicine Hospitalist Service and they will need to request a Neurology consult.

If you are admitted to the inpatient service at Baptist, and one of the Baptist Neurology Physicians is consulted, they will usually inform UNC and it’s providers of your progress as well as outpatient needs post discharge and we can pick up where they left off.

 If you are admitted to a facility other than Baptist,  you can always request that your treating physicians at the other facility reach out to us and inform us of your progress, so that you can transition seamlessly to your outpatient care, upon discharge.

We always recommend a follow up in the Neurology clinic within a week or two of being discharged from the hospital, particularly if the hospitalization was for a neurological issue.

Is Dr.Asad able to admit me directly to the hospital?

UNC does not have an inpatient service at the Hospital. However, if you request it, we can ask one of our inpatient internal medicine hospitalists to direct admit you and we can follow along as consultants while you are in house.

Who is the point person for disability paperwork at the office?

Zlatan (or Z) would be the person to talk to if you have disability paperwork that needs to be completed or submitted. You can reach him by Contacting Us, or use his ext.109

Who is the point person in the office for Medication Prior Authorizations?

Please talk to Ansel for medication prior authorizations.

We make every effort to help you with your medication authorizations. However, all insurances are making it exceedingly difficult to get expensive, brand name medications approved. As such,  we can help you identify cheaper generic options or even use Canadian Pharmacies or Specialty Pharmacies that might be able to help the process along. 

Since getting expensive medications approved is a lengthy, bureaucratic process, please give us at least two weeks to work on your authorizations. We can also help with samples if we happen to have them

Does UNC perform any blood work on site? If not, where do you send your patients for blood work?

We do not perform blood work on site. We prefer Quest diagnostics since they provide a wide variety of lab work options and we can electronically send the order to them. Also, when the results come in, they pop up directly in our Electronic Health records in box and can be flagged quickly if abnormal.

What if my insurance requires that I go to Lab Corp or Consolidated for my blood work?

We encourage you to go to wherever your insurance covers your testing. However, please inform us of this in advance so we can request the results from the lab you end up go to.

Where does UNC send patients for imaging studies?

We usually refer people to Precision Imaging, Baptist Health or Baymeadows Imaging; this is because of ease of scheduling and we can retrieve reports and images easily from these facilities

However, if your insurance requires a specific imaging facility other than these, we encourage you to go to whatever facility is covered by your insurance. In this case, we would encourage you to obtain a CD with your images at the time of your study.

We encourage you to bring the CD with you to your follow up appointment so that the Provider can view the images with you. We would recommend that you keep the CD for your personal records after the visit.